Готель Смига, сауна Смига, ресторан Смига
The most expensive hotels in the world

They saw everything: romantic nights, crazy days, happy newlyweds and gamblers. They are distinguished among all others by their unique style and incredible luxury. We offer to your attention the most expensive hotels in the world. Resorts World, Sentosa, Singapore Resort Resorts World on Sentosa Island is largely the „most-sought”. It’s the largest oceanarium in the world, the first Universal Studios theme park in the region and an incredible number of shops, restaurants and snack bars. The construction price is also one of the „mostmost” – $ 4.9 billion. Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort, Huzhou, China This is a 27-storey reminiscent of a ring-shaped building, built in Huzhou City on the shore of Taihu Lake. The ceiling of the hotel is decorated with 20 thousand Swarovski crystals, with guests – pool, spa and restaurants. Construction cost Sheraton $ 1.5 billion. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore The hotel is famous with, first of all, it`s roof that unites three buildings. There is a garden and a pool on the roof, and in the building itself there is a museum, shops, seven restaurants, two theaters and an ice rink. In addition, there is a casino for 500 gambling tables. The hotel cost $ 8 billion.

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