Готель Смига, сауна Смига, ресторан Смига
Amazing restaurants

Traditionally, the restaurant and banquet hall have been arranged in a classic style to make the guests and visitors enjoyable and comfortable. But there are such institutions where everything, including the situation and the menu, is rather unusual and unusual for normal perception. For example: – In one American restaurant network it is customary to rigue customers and even throw at them the napkins; – In India, there is a restaurant built on the site of the cemetery. By the way, the graves are still there, and visitors can even stand up for them; – In the crazy Las Vegas there is a bistro, which serves the most caloric in the world burger weighing almost 1 kg. In addition to it – a cream with a record amount of cholesterol. And the staff is dressed in medical form. – One of the Canary Islands, which belongs to Spain, is a unique place. In this restaurant, visitors are cooked directly over the volcano’s mouthpiece! Really unusual; – Visitors to one of the Parisian restaurants are people who are deprived of their sight. Eating food is in full darkness, but the taste of the dishes is felt better; – In the self-service coffeehouse in the US Valley City, visitors choose their own menu, they consider how much they should and pay. Also, they can read here interesting books and buy paintings.

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